Zimbabwe Catholic Shona Songs – Mwari Rudo.mp4

| June 3, 2013 | 24 Comments

Zimbabwe Catholic Shona Songs - Mwari Rudo.mp4

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  1. Leslie C. Mateveke says:

    Gweru, this was Gokomere High School. They came third in the competition though.

  2. Pelagia Tavaruva says:

    I love ds song, God is love

  3. Pelagia Tavaruva says:

    I ds song? God is love

  4. tariro maziriri says:

    Gokomere 2011 :)

  5. Darlington Govere says:

    oh thats Mr Gusha and the Gokomere choir of 2011… Magnificent

  6. Thokozile Chivore says:

    Love this song and the choir.

  7. MrOldtraford says:

    This is just fantastic, tongosuwa kuimba kwadai muChurch

  8. Margaret Munyika says:

    they are very good i used to be in a school choir at Mount Saint Mary’s Mission before i came here it was really nice i wish i can have those moments again

  9. Margaret Munyika says:

    i miss zim

  10. manyawi says:

    I just cant have enuff of ths song….ths is good music

  11. Kudzaishe Havazvidi says:

    this is excellent!!!

  12. Blessings Musamadia says:

    Aiva National Choir Competition, I’m not sure of the Diocese but will find out for you weezy

  13. Jessy Meki says:

    this song lifts my soul everytime i listen to it. vana varipa choir apo vanoshama muromo zvavo the choir is so intergrated. aiwa maroma tinoimba

  14. weezy dwaine says:

    Blessing if you know the parish or school sung this song please notify thanks

  15. Sary Sithole says:

    Oh my God, aya ndiwo maimbiro ano burutsa denga.I was feeling the presence of God more than i used to feel…WELL DONE..& AMEN

  16. Trevor Mutenhe says:

    This is one of the best organized songs. Speed yengoma neyehosho iri apa its one of the best. Watch my space for more stuff like this straight from Zimbabwe

  17. lois753 says:

    Pane vana vari kushama muromo apa..me likey

  18. gillian musarurwa says:

    this is amazing…well executed:) I listen to it over and over again:)

  19. ignatius1947 says:

    Thank you people.OOO ndafarakuona mudzidzisi wangu apo.may lord bless you very much.

  20. DocVoicy says:


  21. Milton Makwamure says:

    this is catholic music at its best

  22. MASIMBAist says:

    this song inondibatabata zvakanyanya

  23. tatylady1 says:


  24. SuperTinock says:

    well done..Mwari rudo zvechokwadi..Iuved the way the conductor ended the song wit a round up of every part of the choir..THUMB UP

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